Calvin Klein Jeans /
ck Calvin Klein /
Clavin Klein Collection

Baron & Baron

Concepts, Art Direction and Design

As Senior Art Director and Designer at Baron&Baron, I handled the Calvin Klein account. I concepted and designed 15 Calvin Klein Jeans, CK CalvinKlein, and Calvin Klein Collection campaigns, 4 Calvin Klein Underwear campaigns (one of which became the most tweeted ad during Super Bowl) and 3 Watches & Jewelry campaigns. 

Calvin Klein Jeans

Building on the brand and market position of Calvin Klein, as the minimalist, modern and provocative fashion house in contemporary culture, we maintained and developed different emotional connections between each sub brand and its intended audience.

ck Calvin Klein

I worked on all deliverables for each campaign, from concepts and ideas, rooted in target audience and popular culture, through to art direction and design, for all consumer touchpoints such as OOH, POS, web, social and motion.

Calvin Klein Collection

Cross brand campaign for Calvin Klein Jeans, ck Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Collection

Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein Watches and Jewelry

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