Zettle by PayPal

Communication Platform, Strategy and Campaign Art Direction.

Together creative partner Johan Baettig, I developed "Made for More" – the new communication platform for the brand positioning and launch of Zettle by PayPal. Working closely with the in-house team, we developed a cohesive tone of voice with a look & feel that connect the Zettle products, services and brand mission with their users. "Made for More" is an open global platform with the possibility of creating inspiring brand communication in the years to come.

Working with research done by the Zettle UX team, alongside immersive workshops with employees, we gathered and validated insights into what Zettle by PayPal is, from a brand, consumer and product perspective. By putting the users in focus we built a communication platform that talked to their small business needs, as well as finding empathy with them as inviduals.


With Made for More as the Zettle by PayPals call to action, we wrote and developed a series of mobile first stories that connects product features with user benefits, and those benefits with the brand vision.


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